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Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Well, I went to Marisa's wedding over Labor Day Weekend. It was lovely, except for the officiant going on and on for 25 minutes straight about I don't even know what, except that it was seriously depressing. Went to the reception afterward; had this new drink called a peach fling--with orange juice, club soda, peach schnapps, lime juice and something else in it. It was yummy. Didn't stay very long, since by that point I was already feeling crappy, I wanted to see Mike and I was tired. Talked to my mom at the reception. I was mentioning all the things I did and didn't want at my wedding (since Marisa is my age) and I told her I wanted Italian cookies, since I'm Italian (makes sense, right?) Well, she said to give her at least 4 to 5 years notice for my wedding. So I said "Mom, I want Italian cookies at my wedding." And she laughed derisively and said not to be so optimistic, because I didn't even have a man yet, "and don't even tell me it's Mike, because I'm not paying for it if it is." *jawfloor* Well, needless to say, I was crushed. She then proceeded to tell me that IF Mike and I got married, she probably wouldn't even come, since coming would mean she supported me and my decision, and she didn't. I was practically in tears. I couldn't wait to leave; seeing Marisa and her family so happy when I knew I wasn't going to get that was more than I could bear. When my dad dropped me off at the Manor, I just didn't even want to talk about it. Mike could tell I was upset, and I told him what my parents had said. I guess that means it's going to be a little longer than I thought before we can get married, since I'll have to raise the money myself. Good thing I wasn't planning on a huge wedding. You know, I realized that my family didn't like Michael, but I thought it was one of those things they would get over eventually. I guess I was wrong.

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