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I hate stupid people part 2

So the topic of the picketing was, you guessed it, our favorite subject--homosexuals! You know, the typical, un-inventive "God hates Fags", "Fags are against God's word", that sort of bullshit. All in puerile florescent yellow and orange. Just plain bad color-coordination really. They weren't even cohesive about it; just sort of standing around on the sidewalk holding posters and walking back and forth. I hope their "God" forbids people like this from ever breeding. And you gotta wonder just how pissed off She is about the fucked up shit that goes down in Her name. Oh, wait, excuse me, "HIS" name. Fucking brainwashed bigoted self-righteous narrow-minded ignorant cattle. I would have continued, but I ran out of adjectives. People like this are why we have a high suicide rate, gangs, abuse, war, and hatred. My sociology teacher made a good point yesterday in class: "Hate is learned, not born." Another good quote: "People are made the way they are, not born." I can't imagine being a child with the kind of parents who would stand outside and deny people the right of being who they are just because that particular view doesn't coincide with the "right" way they've swallowed. You know, it's exactly this kind of blind prejudice that started the Nazi party. I'm a firm believer in the fact that if you don't learn your history, then you are doomed to repeat it. I wonder if anyone else has thought of that comparison.

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