Golden Bear (eithne_star) wrote,
Golden Bear

Poetic Originals

Defense Mechanism

Four walls:
North, south, east and west.
In the horizon they rise
Gray stone, mortared brick.
The four corners are parapets:
Earth, wind, fire and water.
Peaked like lances they stand.
Massive, daunting.
There is a drawbridge,
But it is raised;
The iron bands red with rust,
The chains immobile with disuse.
The moat is clear,
But adventurer, Beware!
For while the waters are still,
Beneath their deceptive surface
Lie monsters and demons,
Waiting to snare the unwary traveler.
A word of caution
To the hopeful knight
Who seeks to enter the castle:
Bring your sword and your shield,
For you will have need of both.


Go away from me,
Leave me alone.
I don’t need your count,
I don’t want your weight.

Eager abstinence,
Now I have control.
Let’s play the game of what if…
What if I don’t?

Turn, turn around.
Swirl and spin in the acid burn.
I turn around and disappear.

Stop your worry.
But you can’t forget it, can you?
I will not be consumed,
But I will not, cannot consume.

No more of your clutching thickness.
I won’t deal with your heavy feelings.
I’m dancing with my eyes wide shut,
Transformed to crushed tissue paper.

Turn, turn around.
Swirl and spin in the acid burn.
I turn around ad disappear.

Careful, or you’ll be strangled
By the symbol of perfection.
Can you see my heart beat inside its cage?
Can you feel the fatal fire of my flesh?

Turn, turn around.
Swirl and spin in the acid burn.
I turn around and disappear.

Turn around and disappear.


Eyes can pierce the soul.
They can see your innermost thoughts.
A knowing stare can lay bare all your feelings,
Your wants, your needs, your desires.
Those who veil their eyes can’t be trusted.
They are the liars, the thieves, the heartbreakers.
They take all and give nothing.
Let your eyes speak for you.
Close your mouth and let them say how you feel.
Open your truths, express your feelings,
Burn with an intense integrity.
Let the truthseekers see.
Eyes have so much to say, if someone will listen.
They smile, they laugh, they love, and they always cry.

On Measuring Love

How can you measure an emotion?
Is it an ounce, a pound, a ton?
A teaspoon, a cup, a quart?
Or is it a distance?
An inch, a foot, a mile?
Is it like an article of clothing?
Or a decoration for a room?

I think not.

You cannot say that love is only
So much or so many,
So big or so small.
The only way to measure love
Is in the size of the heart,
The shape of a ring,
The promise of a kiss.
You may measure love on scales,
But I measure through his eyes.

I also have a few other original poems posted in previous entries, if anyone is interested.

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