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My Date

Yes, yes, I know you've all been dying to know. Okay, maybe not really, but humor me. My date with Stephen tonight was....pretty good. No, I'm not over him yet. The whole time I kept waiting for him to say something along the lines of "I made a mistake, and I think we should get back together." Well, dinna happen. But, here's what did: went to Target, returned a bag and then picked up some stuff he needed for Greece next week (lucky bastard.) Then went to Bath and Body Works, I got a little bottle of Moonlight Path Lotion and a bar of soap in the same flavor. Oh, my goodness, that scent is heaven. Next stop, Movie theatre, to watch Mean Girls. Shan and Jill, we have to go see this movie. It will get back at all the pretty little clones we all hated in high school. I laughed so hard. (Let me just say there are buses involved.) After some mean, vicious humor that perfectly fit my order, had dinner at Chili's, then dessert at Sylas and Maddy's. Very good. Now I'm home, and I may or may not see him again before he leaves on Thursday for six weeks, in which I may communicate with him twice. I don't know how I feel about that. Tonight was definitely a lot of fun. He even complemented on how he really likes me in summer clothes (yeah!). And it was a lot more comfortable than the past few times we had gone out before, when we were still technically dating. I knew how to act around him, what I could and couldn't say, although, yes, there were plenty of sexually loaded post-relationship comments, but even those weren't bad. I flirted, he flirted. There was definite tension, but not as much awkwardness as I feared there would be. It was nice to see him, nice to hang out with him, but at the same time, I admit, I was thinking lovely dirty little thoughts. My hormones must have just been in overdrive, because half the time I was just thinking "I REALLY just want to grab his head and drown him in a kiss." ( I have got to stop reading Nora Roberts romance novels.) And I probably would have, given half a chance, but I wasn't, so I didn't. Yeah, okay, I still want him back. And I'm pretty sure it's because I want HIM back, not just because I want a boyfriend, like my mother seems to think. I miss having him to cuddle next to, and fall asleep next to, and watch stupid movies with, and go shopping with (yes, he likes shopping) and tease and gripe and kiss and....yeah. I want that back. With him. But it probably won't ever happen, so I'll keep him as a friend. I just hope he's as confused as me, you know?

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