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I just saw a bumper sticker on a car while I was driving back up to campus that had a quote on it from Teddy Roosevelt:

"A thorough understanding of the Bible is more important than a college education."


WHAT the FUCK was this guy thinking? Learning about some outdated, misogynistic, erroneous history is more important than increasing my knowledge to help me better my lot in life? Well, excuuuuse me, Mr. Dead-Ex-President, but some of us went so lucky to be born with the proverbial silver spoon in our mouths. Now, I've read the Bible, several times in fact, even the really boring, tedious parts, and I've got to say, if I was going to pick a several thousand dollar book, THAT would not be it. You want wisdom? Here's the Bible in one paragraph:

"Be nice to people. Be happy with what you've got. Don't break the law. Don't kill. Don't steal. Do what your parents tell you to do. And above all, KEEP YOUR FUCKING PRIORITIES STRAIGHT!!!"

Wow. I just saved an entire continent's worth of forests by summarizing.

Seriously, who in their right mind would honestly put an extremely narrow theological education above a well-rounded, career-advancing, money-making one?

Gee, I wonder what my parents would think of this quote? Too bad I'm not Catholic anymore. They could have saved a bunch of money.

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