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Happy Solstice!

Yeah, it's Summer Solstice! Okay, that's about the most exciting thing that happened all day. Got up, ran around the house naked (okay, maybe not really--I was wearing underwear), studied for Sociology test. Watched the Charmed episode I taped yesterday--oh, my goodness, can you say gorgeous Latino man?? Because I can. Whew! Um, was going to hang out with Stephen, but he was cleaning his apartment and forgot I had class tonight. Went to class, took test, got test back (missed an A by half a point, grrrr.) At home, all by myself, wondering if I'm really motivated enough to keep taking notes...Nope. By the way, what in the world is Jessica's live-journal name? Anybody? Somebody? Help? (What is that from?) Being totally random and completely bemused by Shannon's entries. People never fail to amuse/annoy me. Off to throw together something for dinner and maybe watch Kill Bill Vol. 1. Yippee!

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