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The vote is in.

I don't even live in Kansas anymore, and right now I couldn't think of a better reason for moving back than yesterday.

How can they do this?

How can all these motherfucking right winged conservative elitist bastards voluntarily give up a precious piece of their hard-won freedom just to beat down anyone who is the slightest bit different from them?

It's not a joke. Free speech and free religion have already been attacked for decades; now we're adding the right to love as we wish to the constantly growing list.

I'm not a voter; I hate politics, and I don't care enough to be informed. But yesterday, if I could have, I would have hauled my sleep-deprived broke ass down to the polls, and not only put in my vote, but forged as many as I could get away with.

The end is coming. NO, I am not being melodramatic. It really has started. I fear that in a few short decades we will be living in the sci-fi movies that shock and appall us. And we have no one to blame but ourselves.

All those religious texts got it wrong. God isn't going to wreak vengence upon us. He doesn't need to.

We've already done it ourselves.

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