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Something's gotta give

Today sucked, plain and simple. Worked at 7:30 this morning, and was alternately bored and frantic until 4pm. Came home, only to have my dad try and shrink my head (wonderful fun). Went to class at six. Sort of paid attention, definitely took notes, since the test next week is over four chapters. Home to utter boredom and my Tanith Lee book I borrowed from the library. High point of the day: Mandy called and asked me if i wanted to go to Enchanted Forest rehearsal with her tomorrow. Apparently everybody that knows me demands that I show up at practice. Made me feel better. (Plus I can show up the new Lady of the Forest with my dancing, *evil cackle*). Okay, only if they ask me to demonstrate. Oh, and Stephen leaves tomorrow for Greece. Debating if I should call him tonight and come off as extremely needy/stalkerish, or risk the chance of not talking to him until he gets back. And please, nobody ask his plane to go down over the ocean or something. Innocent people would get hurt. I hate this feeling. I wish I had a happy place to run to. Why can't things work out like in the movies? I'll get home from somewhere, he'll be waiting outside the door, with flowers (or not) and we'll make up and get back together and everyone will be happy. But real life isn't like the movies. That's why they're called "fiction." You ever get the feeling that you're living in the wrong place in the wrong time? I feel like that. I think I'd want to be a Herald in Mercedes Lackey's Heralds of Valdemar series. That would be nice. Although they probably wouldn't take me on account of mental instability.

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