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And then there were two

One more day, just one more day!!

Yesterday's Musical Theatre History final went pretty well. Got up early to type paper; it may be shite, but at least it's done, and it technically fulfilled the requirements. I just really don't care anymore. Studied for final before and after high school performance, which went extremely well. Turned in the paper, took the test, left. I think I did pretty well. I probably got most of the points for the paper, I KNOW I got all the questions on the test right, and I only missed nine on the fill in the blank part--sheesh, it's amazing just how many people work on a musical! Composer, lyricist, book writer, director, choreographer, producer, and star. Hey, thirty one out of forty ain't bad. Now, I'm off to hopefully finish my vest in less than 24 hours and practice for Combat. Almost done!!!

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