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The Final Finals Finale

Stage Combat--done. When two women are fighting over a man, regardless of his feelings in the matter, DON'T give them broadswords! (Our skit plot.) Went pretty well; I'm sure some of my targets were off and we went a little too fast, but apparently I die very well. ("Hey Brian, look what I did!"--don't ask.) Last final--Costume Construction. Yeah the vest is done. It DEFINITELY did not turn out the way I wanted it. Pretty brocade fabric is wonderful--until it rips and unravels after you're 3/4 of the way done. *sigh* So much for wearing it at JT's wedding next Saturday. I'm probably going to turn it in, get the grade, take off the buttons and trash it. At least now I know how to draft my own pattern; maybe this summer I'll attempt to make a better one. Must pick up Sprite for Synco party and then it's HOME TO KANSAS CITY!!!!

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