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Intersessions should always be this easy.

So I'm done with my spring semester; won't know grades until later today. But I'm still in Springfield because I'm taking an intersession class for the next three weeks. It's a Gen. Ed. requirement for my Humanities section.

The class is called LLT 180 Hero and Quest: Knights and Maidens through Film.

No, I'm not kidding. For a Medeival/Renaissance/King Arthur history buff, this class is a dream.

Let me show you my syllabus schedule:

Monday 16th "Arthur" documentary
Tuesday 17th "Excalibur" movie
Wednesday 18th "King Arthur" movie (2004)
Thursday 19th "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" movie with Bing Crosby
Friday 20th "Knights and Armor" documentary

Monday 23rd "A Knight's Tale"/"First Knight" movies
Tuesday 24th "Braveheart" movie
Wednesday 25th "Merlin" TV movie
Thursday 26th Disney's "The Sword in the Stone"/ "Morte d'Arthur" movies
Friday 27th "Dr. Detroit" movie

Tuesday 31st "Mists of Avalon" TV movie
Wednesday 1st "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" movie
Thursday 2nd "Fisher King" movie
Friday 3rd "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" movie

I'm getting credit to sit in a classroom and watch movies that I've already seen and enjoy, take five question quizzes immediately afterwards, and write 3 one page reflection/summary papers. For three weeks. Whoever thought up this course is a genius. Too bad none of you guys are here to take it with me; we could all be smartasses together (does anybody else know what the days of the week are named after? Because I was getting some weird looks when I answered the questions.) This class would be perfect if it was just in Kansas City.

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