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Yesterday I was feeling extremely productive and in a cleaning frenzy when I came across my poetry notebook hidden in a pile of miscellaneous objects. After I flipped through it, since I had nothing urgent to do, I decided to type up the poems that were not previously saved on my hard drive, thereby insuring that if said notebook was lost/stolen/destroyed I would have copies of my work. Two hours and thirty poems later, I finished. With THAT notebook. Oh, yes. I still have two more waiting to be digitized. But as of right now I have over fifty poems saved to my hard drive, with at least thirty more to add.

Looking back, I'm very impressed with myself. Go me.

I'm seriously considering putting together my own poetry book. In fact, you can find some of my works at Just put in a search for my name and it will bring up the entries I have submitted. You can also look up some of my poems in my Memories file--just click on the heart, and select the "Poetry" heading. "Prose" is kind of fun, too.

Can you tell I'm very proud? Poetry is one of the few things that has been with my for most of my life. I even have copies of poems I'd written while I was only 8 or 9. While I'll be the first to admit that some of them are, well, crap, there are a precious few that somehow manage to tap into a plateau of insight and excellence I didn't know I possessed.

In fact, one of my poems, "On Measuring Love," is actually being published. I've been nominated for the International Poets Society and won the Editors Choice Award for this month. My poem will also be featured on a 3-disc CD set of spoken poetry.

Well, that's it for my brag fest. But I figure since I do it so rarely that I'm entitled to a little self-promotion now and then.

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