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Yeah, I know, I know...

I should really post more often. Really I mean to. I have all these great posts in my head--rants, observations, melancholy musings, the works. And eventually I might get them all down. Someday. But everytime I get on here I forget; I read everybody else's journal's and get all caught up in your lives and then I forget to tell you about mine. Really to sum it up: AAAAACCCCKKK!!!!! School: sucks. Comp II is practically worthless; our research topic? Heartland of America Shakespeare Festival. Nice, but for me, oh so very pedestrian. Geology blows great big granite and other sedimentary like rock chunks. Really, it's not that the class is boring; it's the fact that I have to take it at all. Good news? Daddy told me I got $4800 in federal grants for school. FREE. And a couple other available loans. So, yeah, awesome, go me. REALLY hoping to graduate next May. If I don't I seriously might just say fuck it all and quit. Work: can kiss my perky little ass. We just hired new people (who are great) but that means my hours are cut to shit. Oh, but "you can pick up hours in Starbucks or Bakery if you need them." NOT UNLESS YOU SCHEDULE ME DIPSHIT!!! Can you tell I'm a little frustrated. Driving the honey crazy with wedding and apartment obsessions, which is the only thing keeping me from going NOT crazy, being flat ass broke just flat ass sucks, and I've completely lost my sanity. Could I get a smoothie over here? Jeez.

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