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Guh. And just....guh.

So. Yeah. Dunno. Brain is on permanent vacation. Don't wanna do my synopsis paper--not because it's hard, just because it's about Religion and Identity, and I can't decide if I want to talk about women or politics in religion. Basically, I just don't want to be in school any more. I skipped class today because I couldn't come up with a rough draft--figured the 10 points just weren't worth waking up this morning. So now I have to do it tonight--blah.

Working at Border's for the Friday Harry Potter Party. I'm supposed to be the Fortune Teller or something--wear gypsy-ish attire. Okay, sure, as long as you pay me for it--which they are, so I'm not going to complain.

Found some possible bodice fabrics today at Hobby Lobby. Need to come to a decision so I can get stuff to Jana who is awesome for making me a bodice.

Anyone want to go to the Shakespeare Festival on Thursday night? I have to go for my Research Paper and I would rather go with a bunch of people.

Trying desperately to figure out money situation--that is, how the fuck am I going to have enough money to pay off my debt AND get married next year? Even with trying to make everything low-key, informal and SMALL, there are just some things that I want to have. Really, as long as I get a nice ring out of it, I don't much care about the rest, but it would be nice to have some sort of ceremony and not just go down to the courts and sign a piece of paper.

Freaking out about possibly not graduating this coming spring. I mean, sure, I should have plenty of time to get in my remaining credit hours, but the Theatre and Dance department is notorious for scheduling mishaps, and I'm seriously just going to quit if they tell me I have to wait another year to take the one class I need to graduate.

Job is still frustrating, but slightly less so. The assistant Manager, Alisa, is being really nice in giving me the extra hours in Bakery, so I'm not bitching about having to work at 7am, and James the Starbucks manager is having a employee transfer so I can take over her hours. Unfortunately, these two things overlap, so I'm really not working any more than I was before--20-30 hours a week is not going to cut it, but I can't quit because 1)no one with hire me for just the rest of the summer; and 2)no one will pay me the same wage I'm making there.

Would post the name meme everybody else is doing, but MY NAME ISN'T IN IT. Oh, sure, they have "Carly" but not "Carlye." Sheesh. Although, interesting occurance, "Carly" and "Joy" have the exact same attributes, except for origin and number of syllables. Weird, huh?

Should really be writing my paper. It isn't like it's that long--1,000 words or so. I just don't want to do it.

*sigh* Is it August yet? I want to go to Colorado.

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