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I'm living in the Twilight Zone

So, yesterday, about an hour or so after I posted, my day decided to take a nose dive from merely crappy to the lowest spiral of Hell. Both my parents swoop into the study where I'm sitting, reading a book, and tell me they're concerned and think I should get professional help. Well, this is unfortunately a subject that oft rears its ugly head in concern to me. It seemed to me that, yes, I've been depressed and antisocial lately, but I have a perfectly acceptable reason for being so. Then they proceed to tell me that, no, this isn't just in the past few weeks, but over the PAST SIX YEARS. I'm completely dumbfounded. Apparently, I'm in need of medical counseling because I don't like most people, I don't like dating (as in the going on dates part, not the actual relationship part) and I'm also mean and cruel and inconsiderate and judgmental, and numerous other qualities that I greatly took offense at. The situation quickly deteriorated into a shouting match, my parents both insisting I had to get help, and me shouting "NO" over and over. Finally they threatened to slap me with a court order to see a psychiatrist if I didn't cooperate. I told them that that was the only way I was going to go, and good luck with it, promptly storming out the door. I drove around for a while, talked to Stephen (which solved my former dilemma) and spent the night at Brooke, Mike, Kris and Kate's house. I am simply speechless. I was so absolutely livid that I couldn't even form articulate words; me, who gets incredibly verbose and elaborate when I'm pissed off. I cannot believe that my parents would actually do this. I mean, I consider myself to be a open-minded, friendly, caring, compassionate sort of person, and here they are telling me that I come off as exactly the opposite. Do I seem mean and impatient? Do I act like I have something seriously wrong with me? It's not like I don't get enjoyment out of life because I do. But I resent the implication that I need some pharmaceutical miracle to make me into a normal human being. I am doing just fine without having to take a pill every day. So depression runs in my family. Yes, I have chronic depression. That hasn't diminished my capacity to function in society. I'm glad that my parents love me enough to be concerned when they feel my welfare is being threatened. But by all that is holy and good, GET THE FUCK OFF MY BACK!!!

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