Golden Bear (eithne_star) wrote,
Golden Bear

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I was never a confrontational person. It makes me very uncomfortable. So how is it I keep managing to say stupid shit to upset people? I don't like fighting. Even if I feel justified at the time (which was not the case, I was just being a regular bitch) I always feel like crap later because I know I've hurt the other person. Yes, I admit, sometimes the other person has it coming to him or her and I don't feel guilty at all; sometimes people really do need a slap in the face. This was not the case today. Today I overreacted--not once, but twice--and said some things that were completely uncalled for. What is wrong with me? Usually I'm the one who is so careful of others' feelings and today I just blew up at the slightest provocation? Am I having a delayed stress reaction? Or are my planets just out of whack or something? God, sometimes I am just a fucking BITCH.

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