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I think I'll have a heart attack and die from not-surprise

Today, I was still absolutely pissed at my parents. My dad called a couple times last night after I'd gotten to everybody's house, but I didn't pick up. The only reason I went home today was to take a shower. My mom wrote me a note, basically about how she knows how I feel because she's been there before and she's sorry she made me upset. Well, I'm glad she's sorry, but she has no idea how I feel, because I'm NOT her. I don't feel the need for counseling or medical assistance. So I refuse to accept either. Didn't talk to her at all, except to tell her to get out of my room. Didn't see my dad all day either. Spent most of today trying to find something--anything--to keep me out of the house. Ended up just sitting in my car reading and listening to the radio, but that was better than going home. Stephen called me around 9am, on the way to the airport. Since the weather was getting bad in Chicago, his flight got bumped up, and he was leaving earlier than planned. I'm glad he called though. I already miss him, and I probably won't be able to communicate with him except by email until he gets back. Anyway, went to Mandy's apartment for a little before we left for rehearsal, beading her dress. Rehearsal time--not exciting. Josh didn't show up, so there was no music, hence no dancing. I was seriously disappointed. And really not impressed with the costumes this year either. All the girls' dresses, with the slight modifications of the Elemental faeries look exactly the same, with only variations in color and trim. The bodices are okay, but the skirts go down just past their knees, and are big and poufy, like petticoats. They all look frumpy. Granted, the Lady's bodice is pretty cool because it's got lots of beading on it, and the Elementals are a little different with skirts and bodice design, but all in all very monochrome. Boys aren't much better. Satyrs are good, but really, how many different ways can you do fuzzy pants? And Lone the Wolf looks pretty cool. But the rest? Pants with ragged bottoms, some sort of vest, and hints to particular character. Not exciting. My dress last year was ten times better, even if it doesn't fit anymore. Almost made me glad that I wasn't in the forest this year, sadly. Our Enchanted Forest was so much more vibrant and exciting, even just in rehearsal. I feel kind of sorry for them. Oh, well. Jim will figure out sooner or later that it's MY Forest, and always will be. (Unless of course Shannon decides to take it back, then it will be HER Forest.) Oh, yeah, and I got talked into doing a promo at Crown Center on Saturday. All day. Passing out grapes in a toga. Yippee. Anybody that's bored please come see me?

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