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AAAAACCCCCCKKK!!!!! (I think I just ripped out a chunk of hair.)

Okay, here we go:

To Do Today, Packing:
--Normal clothes for weekend: underwear, socks, jeans, tanks, t-shirts, bras
--Toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, razor, shave cream, face wash, spray conditioner, saline, toothbrush, toothpaste, contacts container, makeup, hairdryer, brush, comb, tampons
--tails: at Manor
--Goblets: both plain and faerie, along with cleaner
--sunflower seeds
--Extra clothes for rain/cold weather
--coffee mugs: 2
--pants fabric
--chemise fabric
--square skirt and bias tape
--circle skirt and bias tape
--misc. sewing supplies and sewing machine
--pants pattern
--extra snacky food for Faire days

To Do, Friday:
--pick up and cash/deposit paycheck
--buy frozen fruit, Gatorade
--get cooler from Mom and Dad
--bring Federal grant forms to look over and sign
--pick up doublet and bodice from Cy's
--set money aside for Jana
--pick up/buy books at Border's

I'm going to be freaking naked on Saturday. I haven't even started my chemise and pants yet, and every time I try to draft the square skirt pattern again I screw up something. The circle skirt is fine, just needs to be hemmed, which can be done later. So, I may be borrowing some peoples clothing thingies so I's won't be naked. (I know I know, but have you SEEN some of the weirdos that come out there!??!)

Must get packing done so I can leave for KC!! And hope to all the Powers That Be that my car doesn't explode or something on the way there.

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