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Isn't it ridiculous....

....when it takes 3 1/2 hours to pick out ONE FREAKING MONOLOGUE BOOK!?!??!

No, really. I'm not lying.

Still cruddy as all hell. Called Daddy and he put me on Phenavent (generic Entex) and Cefuroxime (generic Ceftin) so hopefully some cruddiness will dissapate. Stuffiness is much better, but now I've progressed into a lovely hacking bronchial cough which is tearing up my throat and rendering voice box practically useless. Actually not really sure this is all Mike's fault (even though previously blamed by myself and others) since my symptoms are different. Need to pick up some cough drops or syrup. Have been drinking tea and eating soup like mad, hoping I will feel better.

Serenity point: Massive thunderstorms and a tin roof makes for a wonderful lullaby.

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