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Don' wanna

I should really be working on my sectionals and elevations for tomorrow but I really just don't feel like it. Short break time, and then I'll do it. I swear. The most time consuming part is that I have to measure freaking EVERYTHING. And since I'm really bad at math, I keep thinking that I've screwed it up, so it's taking me four times as long as it should. Really, Carlye, it's not that hard: 1/2" : 1'. Seriously, you ARE smarter than this.

Weeks are going by really fast. I need to do laundry tomorrow night so I have clean cotton underwear for this weekend (suffocated bits are not good). Plus need clean leotards and other miscellaneous clothing items.

Feeling somewhat better today. Stuffiness is mostly gone, and cough is looser and not as consistent. Still have that achy, fatigued feeling, though, and my body must still be sicker than I thought, because I actually HAD to half-ass it in my Modern class today. Not fun.

In other news, I've been cast in one of the pieces in the Fall Dance Concert. It should be really cool; free-form tempo, alternative phrasing, and some really funky music we haven't gotten to yet. Anyway, it's on Dec. 7th and 8th for any who are interested--let me know!!!

Okay, okay, back to work, I swear!

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