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But...I didn't do it!

I just got excused from my Auditions class. And I'm not sure what I did.

We were talking about the various methods Shakespeare used in his writings, and selecting the monologues we were going to be performing in a couple weeks. I read my monologue and was told it was fine, then I started looking at the book of Shakespearean sonnets and poems that I had brought to see if I could find some other poetic options for later. Granted, I probably should have done that another time. Then James, my teacher, reprimanded the class for ignoring Sam, the guest instructor. So I put my book in my lap and tried to pay better attention. Apparently, inspecting a hangnail while listening is not trying hard enough. In front of the whole class, James told me I was "excused" for the rest of the period. Meaning--I got kicked out of my class an hour early.

Well. I was unaware that researching other's of the author's works whom we are studying is considered undesirable. I was unaware that one was unable to listen with one's ears without one's eyes also being engaged. I was also unaware that I was THE ONLY PERSON who has a tendency to zone out during lectures, however individually interactive they may be.

I think I'm a little hurt and insulted.

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