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The Peter Principle

Okay, let me explain. The Peter Principle is a sociological term explaining a bureaucratic process. Basically, it states: "Bureaucrats are promoted until they reach their level of incompetence." So that explains why all bosses are always idiots that don't know how to do your job. And Target proved that yesterday and today. Yesterday I went in at 6am and didn't sit down again until I left at 2:30pm. Major suckage. Today I wasn't supposed to work, but my exec called me at 7:45am because my manager had the audacity to call in sick today when she knew we were having a HUGE visit that we had to look good for. Needless to say, Peggy (my exec) was pissed. Nothing was clean, we had no food supplies, and about 40 people were coming trough today. I swear, if Junko (my manager) doesn't show up tomorrow, heads are going to roll...that should be fun. On a bright note, I watched 50 First Dates yesterday. It was really funny. Made me melancholy, but hey, still a great movie.

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