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Road Trip!

Blah. Work. Attempted nap. School, not paying attention most of the time. Although I did learn something fun--EVERYBODY is a deviant! I want to make T-shirts: "I'm a Deviant, You're a Deviant, Wouldn't you like to be a Deviant too?" They would sell like hotcakes. I should start a T-shirt/bumper sticker line. Now I just need a company name... I'm going to Springfield tomorrow! My sister and I are going down, just to pick up some stuff I forgot, get the mail, make sure my house hasn't flooded again (although it shouldn't have, since the water is off). We'll be back again tomorrow night. And my daddy is letting me take his car! *evil grin* Pretty car.... Okay, I was going to watch my Charmed episodes that I taped, but I has to get up early and I got up early today when I didn't want to, so I think I'm going to head to bed. Unless of course, I get sucked in by some other quiz website...Whoever invented those MUST have been an insomniac.

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