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Wonderful Weekend

This was the vacation that I didn't get in New York. (Yes, I will post about that later.)

I had my advising appointment Friday morning, went over my degree audit and schedule, and, in case you missed my earlier post, WILL BE GRADUATING IN MAY!! The only thing I regret was not really being able to take any upper level dance classes because of my schedule, but maybe I can squeeze back in my belly-dancing class and some Tai Chi or something.
After my appointment, went to work at the Student Exhibition Center (the mini art museum for students to display their studio work) and painted all the patches I'd made previously in the walls. Surprisingly, it only took about 3 hours, and then, after a quick stop to fill up my tank, was on my way to Kansas City!
Immediately upon arriving in KC, picked up my dad, who had just taken my car to Costco to get new tires, and went to my parents house to veg until we went to eat at this new pizza place called Spin! over off of 119th and Nall-ish. Decent food, decent prices. After dinner, made my leisurely get-a-way to the Manor for some much needed loving and sleep.

Saturday, woke up WAY too freaking early to take Mike to work, then went to my parents house where my mom was getting ready for her jewelry trunk show. She left, and I went with my dad to do his rounds at St. Luke's and saw some really adorable twin preemies--girls. So cute! Next, Dad and I went to Lichtenburg's Fine Jewelry (off State Line and 135th) where my mom works and was having her trunk show. (Definitely recommend them if anyone is in the market.) Ate Planet Sub for lunch, then went with Daddy to his first screening of "Serenity." He, of course, being a Firefly buff as well, LOVED it. And I didn't tell him anything about it, so it was a total surprise! Came back, took car from Costco to Firestone for alignment, and helped Mom break down her show--which unfortunately didn't do quite as well as she had hoped, but that's okay. Off to the Manor to meet up with Emily, who was returning from Witchita with her new car (woo-hoo!) and dinner at Dos Reales with her, Mike and Kris. Of course, Mike HAD to go and piss off the Latino Neo, so we got stuck in the back with crappy service. Oh, well, at least the company was good. Back to the Manor, where Kris went to help Beth and Petey move stuff. Emily, Mike and I finally sat down to talk about his ritual, where I promptly got all sorts of nervous and freaked out. (Well, I don't know what I'm doing, what do you expect?) That finished, we spent some quality time together until Emily had to go home so she could study the next day.

Lovely, leisurely Sunday morning with NO alarm clock waking me up--although I totally forgot about the time switch until I picked up my phone. Late lunch at Panera's with Mike and Brooke (yummy soup) and then the three of us plus Kris trekked up to Lawrence for the Serenity game with Gareth and Laura. (Side note--I took a nap in the car and freaked out Kris because I have a tendency to sleep with my eyes open. It was rather funny.) Hung out with the gamers until Tess and Natalie swung by, and then went to their place for some yummy hot chocolate and stimulating (for me at least) conversation. Back to the gamers when Tess got sleepy (poor Tess!) and the game finished up soon after. Drove back to the Manor and promptly fell into bed, from which I arose at much too early a time to begin my sojourn back to Springfield.

Ah, if only the weekends were longer! This was definitely the refresher I needed to get me back on my feet and replenish the energy I'd lost traversing back and forth from school to Faire. I only wish that I had gotten to see more people in a more sedate setting (yes, I know there were parties, but I didn't have the energy--nor the alcohol tolerance--for them. Besides, there will always be parties.) Won't be back in town this weekend, but will DEFINITELY be there for Emily's bonfire/housewarming party! Ah, the joys of good company!!

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