Golden Bear (eithne_star) wrote,
Golden Bear

Hi-yah!!! Take that, and That, and THAT!!!!!

You are the Painted Warrior, who is an elf that
protects her side when they need her, covered
in not enough armor. You know you don't need a
lot of protection on yourself. You are strong
and you know you'll win. You are protective and
when you see your friends in danger, you don't
hesitate to defend her from the offender. Most
of the time, you use force because you feel
words aren't enough to teach the other guys a
lesson! You believe in war but that does not
mean you are a terrible person! After all, war
has solved the problem of slavery, rascists,
communism, and Naziism, right? Everyone calls
for you, the Painted Warrior when they need
help. You will always be there, you never quit,
you are determined and brave. Giving up is a
great shame for you and that's something you'll
never do!

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