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Guess what I did today?

I gave blood.

Even got a bracelet and a T-shirt to boot.

It wasn't too bad. I was the first person in today, and the nurses were all very nice. The info questionaire you have to fill out makes me VERY glad that my lifestyle is as tame as it is--rather, safe, not tame. Anyway, I was queried and pricked, and then I got to have my arm stabbed.

Um, that hurt. A LOT. The needle was too far in, and felt like it was trying to come out the other side, so the nurses adjusted it for me so it didn't hurt as much.

Of course, because I HATE needles, I was already adrenalized and revved up, so when my body realized it was losing blood, it went, "Oh, bad, Mayday! Mayday! Shut down everything but life support!" I got that woozy, nauseous, trying-to-crawl-out-of-my-skin feeling. Told the nurses, so they tipped me back down, elevated my feet and gave me a cold compress. I was okay after that.

While I was draining, the two nurses chatted with me about nothing in particular: school, pets, wedding stuff, etc. It didn't take too long to fill up the baggie, and they took a couple samples for testing. I couldn't watch. While part of me is absolutely fascinated with blood and what it does, there's a much bigger part that freaks out when I see my blood LITERALLY SPURTING into a test tube. *shudder* Needless to say, they kept me in the chair until I wasn't the least bit woozy, which was fine with me.

Yeah, go me. I saved a life. Or something.

Now I have to get all the betadine off my arm.....

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