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Road trips are great, except for the whole driving thing. Actually it wasn't that bad. Marlisa and I left around 10:30, after getting gas. Drove down listening to a bunch of her mix CDs. I even put up with the country songs. It was kind of funny--usually, I'm the one with my head in a book, but this time SHE was the one. She's reading a book about 9/11 that she's really into, called "Let's Roll!". Anyway, got to Springfield around 1pm, and picked up the mail. Lots of mail. Got some stuff that I wanted, some T-shirts I'm going to cut down, my Faire stuff that was down there, and my movies that Brent and Dad forgot. It was kind of sad, though. I kept thinking, "you know, the last time I was here I had a great boyfriend, and now I don't." Didn't help that I found his toothbrush in the bathroom. I'd forgotten about it. Oh, well. Can't do anything about that now. After we got my stuff, we had to go to the post office for a temporary change of address form, and then to the tax office so I could get a statement of non-assessment for 2003 for my car. Actually didn't take that long. On the drive home Marlisa and I started talking about friends from high school (she just graduated) and how it sucked that some (or in my case, nearly all) won't talk to us now because they're mad. Well, I started going into detail and...I finally told her I wasn't Catholic anymore, that I was a witch. She actually took it pretty well, I think; mostly just said "That's weird." I sort of explained it to her, so I think she'll be fine with it. Now I just have to tell my brother. That could be fun. Got home around 5:15 and decided to take a nap. Woke up around 8:30 (I was sleepy) and decided to play on the computer--oh, like now! Funny. Was trying to find somebody's entry in their journal that had the lyrics to a country song that I actually kind of liked (gasp! I know) but don't remember who it is. Thought it was Mike, so started going through all the entries trying to find it. You know, some of them are really sweet, and some of them just sort of piss me off. For example: Didn't know October 16th was the day he proposed to Samantha. Did he ever tell me this? NO. I had to find out from a website. And back in October of 2002 he apparently "wasn't sure if he was in love." WHAT!??! So nice of you to share these things with me! Fine, whatever. That's over and done with. But it makes me wonder what else he has just failed to mention in the 2 1/2 years we were dating. I should seriously sit him down one day and say: "Okay, we need to have a talk. You're not telling me things that I think I have a right to know and I want you to be upfront with me." Sounds easy right? Yeah, except I'm totally non-confrontational. *Sigh* That boy frustrates the hell out of me, and yet I still keep coming back for more. I must be a closet emotional masochist or something.

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