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Well, the Dance Concert went great! Everyone I talked to said they really liked the piece I was in, and that I am convincingly creepifying. I even got candy from my choreographer, Jamie, and my parent took me to eat at IHOP. MMMM, IHOP.

In other news: My epiglotitis is back. And just in time for Juries. *cries* This SUCKS. I'm pretty sure throwing up in the middle of a piece is NOT the way to get an A. At least Daddy got me medicine so eventually I'll be okay.

I COULD take an incomplete, but I really don't want to, so I'm going to suck it up and sing tomorrow. My accompanist says I sound fine.

Now if I could just remember all the words....

Oh, yeah, and pass my PoliSci test too, that'd be great.

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