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Well, that went...well....

Done with my jury. I decided there was no use freaking out about it, so I didn't. I opted to sing "Unusual Way" from Nine, since it's a really pretty song, and it doesn't go too high. The panel picked "Maybe This Time" from Caberet, which was also good, since it's really low and predictable. And then they picked "What Good Would the Moon Be?" from Street Scene. Now, normally, this wouldn't be a bad thing, except that I'm ill and can't hit the high notes as well as I would like, plus I ALWAYS have trouble with this one interval--which, of course, I did. But, whatever. The other two songs were, if not great, than at least more than acceptable, and if I fudged the last one, eh. Who cares. So that's over and done with. Now I'm off to study for my PoliSci test, which also probably won't be too bad--it's only 50 questions. Besides, I've already got an A in the class, so I don't really care. And after that, only four more finals!!

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