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2 Down, 3 to go....

Had my Auditions final and my Modern Dance final today. Auditions wasn't bad. We had to make sure we knew all six of the monologues we performed this semester (not counting the two songs), and then we chose one to perform and then my teacher chose the other. I picked "Fear of the Millennium" by Carolyn West. It's a black comedy and I cut it, so it was very short. I think it went over well. Then James picked, "'Night, Mother" by Marsha Norman. That kind of surprised me, since he's told me before that he hates that monologue. But I did it, and from what people told me that went well, too. So, that one's done.

Stopped to eat lunch with my friend Jason (you guys would like him--he performs at the St. Louis Faire) then went to my Modern Final. No dancing, just turning in our self-evaluations and papers on the Fall Dance Concert. About an hours worth of just talking about the class and what we got out of it, and that was it. Back to the house to do some laundry and clean, and my brother's making me pancakes for my birthday!

Three more days!

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