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Labeling Me

This is mostly just for me. If you don't get it, don't worry.

Amelia--The Wise One. The mystic. The High Priestess. Long, thick, chestnut hair, chocolate brown eyes. Lush, like a woman should be. She is the Acceptance. She does not judge, but she forgives. The Comforter. The psychologist. The Empath. More the Crone than the Mother, but a little of both. Believes sex is a sacred rite, a ritual of power. Of course, that doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy it.

Zinnia--The Child. The eternal faerie. Bubbly, joyful, curious. Petite, dainty even. Short, golden hair, large, tilted eyes that change between blue and green. Sometimes wings. Sex is almost a foreign concept, except in abstract. Tendencies toward short attention spans. She is the one who makes the COMPLETELY random comments. Also the perpetrator of the Four-Year-Old Dance.

Eva--Lust. She is the ultimate sex kitten. Kinky, adventurous, even a little twisted. Likes to play with knives. Bisexual. Believes in sex just for the hell of it, but also realizes the power that can be gained. A dominatrix. Tall, coffee-colored skin, black hair, black eyes. Smirks.

Kita--The Warrior. Vengeance. The Cold-Hearted. Piss her off, hurt her friends, and you pay, plain and simple. Think Anita Blake without all the inconvenient morals to get in the way. Likes swords. A bit of an Amazon. Can be vicious and vindictive. Tied to the Bear. Tall, muscular, ginger hair, green, green eyes, bronze skin. Almost no facial expression except a cold smile and dead eyes. Likes blood.

Myrrh--The Nature Child. Most content in the outdoors, especially thick forests or meadows. Prefers solitude. Loves animals, even talks to them. Peaceful. Long, honey-colored hair, hazel eyes. Pale skin. The Meditator. Tends to overlap with Amelia.

Reece--The Scholar. The Trivialist. Lives for knowledge, whether large or small. The reader. Short, wiry, with short brown hair and pale eyes. Wears glasses. The Lecturer. Wants to know everything about everything and everybody. A bit socially inept. Painfully shy, when not talking about a favored subject. Doesn't care about appearances.

Roan--The Poet. The Writer. The Dreamer. Also the one who gets depressed the most. Our font of creativity. Scattered, a bit bi-polar. Auburn red hair, greenish eyes. Wears a lot of black.

There are more, but I can't actualize them at the moment.

*NOTE: This is an exercise for my own purposes. I'm trying something new to help me identify and tap into the different aspects of my personality, both for spiritual and scholarly purposes. This is not done to imitate or offend. If I have done so, I apologize.

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