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Okay, that's just weird...oh, and I'm the world's biggest idiot too

I was looking through a bunch of journals, finding people I knew, and I came across Mike's...usual random nonsense, but there was a comment on the most recent entry--about me, from a user named sadwanderer. Thing is, I have no idea who this person is, and I can't find out because their name isn't listed on their profile. If anybody knows, tell me please?
Oh, yes, reason I was looking. Well, since I'm newly single and bitter about it, I decided to torture myself. What better way to do that then by looking at your former flame's online journal. Well, I wanted torture, and I got it. Found an entry from right after we broke up. Read it, read it again, read it a third time, and seriously considered breaking numerous priceless objects, such as honor and promises to myself. How could I do that to the man I loved? How could I be the cruel, selfish, heartless whore that I was? I deserve everything I'm getting right now, because I made him suffer like that. Saying sorry isn't going to fix it. Saying I understand isn't going to make it better. And the worst part is.....I'm about three weeks too late.

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