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Roses are red, and ashes are grey....

I gave blood for Valentine's Day.

It didn't take nearly as long this time. And I didn't even get woozy--until I went to go get my stuff and leave and suddenly greyed out. Not fun. But I was okay after I ate some graham crackers and sat on the floor for a while. It didn't even hurt as bad this time as it did last time.

And at least I didn't actually pass out, like one of the girls sitting across from me. I mean like literally sagged sideways in her chair fall on the floor passed out. Freaked out the staff. It was kind of funny, actually.

But I forgot to get my T-shirt. *pout*

Now I'm home, and since I don't have rehearsal tomorrow, I'm going to work on the massive pile of laundry in the middle of my floor. And figure out what to wear tomorrow for the Dave Clemmons workshop. And figure out what to wear for the Aphrodisiac party on Saturday. Decisions, decisions.

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