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My Weekend Schedule....or lack thereof

Schedule for the rest of the semester and when I can actually squeeze in a trip to Kansas City. Or not.

April 1st and 2nd I'm booked--Tech rehearsal and Dance rehearsal.

8th and 9th--Grand Hotel Shows. No can do.

15th and 16th--a definite possibility--I'm on Spring Holiday, Grand
Hotel is over, and no Dance rehearsals.

22nd and 23rd--Well, that's out, because you're all coming down here to
see ME!!

29th and 30th--Saturday is possible, but I'd have to be back on Sunday
for dance rehearsal.

As for May...

The 5th, 6th and 7th are out--Spring Dance Concert, Beth's wedding, and
Spring Dance Concert.

13th and 14th--another definite possibility. End of classes, so I could
come down early (if I don't have to work) but I gotta be back Sunday night
for finals on Monday. Acutally, they're Wednesday and Thursday, so maybe I can stay for 4 whole days!!

After Friday May 19th I AM A FREE WOMAN!!!!!

Oh, yeah, and somewhere in there I have to move out of my house and figure out where I'm moving TO. Fun.

So yeah....shit. I have NO free time. Damn.

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