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Over the past few days I've been having nightmares. I don't mean the kind where you show up to school naked, I mean real, honest-to-goodness freaking scary nightmares. Like the kind where rotting zombies are attacking you and you can't get out of the house. Or the possessed "thing" in the basement is turning everyone you know into carnivorous trolls. Or the house is haunted and every morning you wake up bleeding from cuts you don't remember getting. Like seriously scary stuff.

I'm not one normally to get freaked out by a couple dreams. I have weird dreams all the time, most of which may, at any point, involve blood, death, or the demonic supernatural, but somehow these were different. I haven't been scared of the dark in over 15 years, and last night I seriously considered sleeping with a nightlight on. I'm talking wide-eyed, watching the darkness, expecting something to pop out at me, hiding in the covers with my back to the wall afraid. Even trying to think happy thoughts didn't work; everything I thought of simply disintegrated into horror. 

I'm really starting to get worried about this. It's not like I've been watching horror movies; hell, the DVD player isn't even plugged in to the TV. I was already not sleeping well because of my back and my foot aching, and last night I was so tweaked I didn't even WANT to close my eyes. Staying awake until four in the morning does not a happy Carlye make. The question is, what the hell do I DO about it?

**EDIT** I did a cleansing ritual as the lovely starwyse suggested, with salt, water, AND incense, and I'm hoping that will do the trick. I will also take the wonderful rougewench's advice and be keeping a nightmare in relation to narcotics journal to see if that has anything to do with it. Other than that, I guess I just keep myself occupied and use a nightlight if I need it. *smile*

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