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Nightmares Update

Thank you to everyone who offered their support and advice on my nightmare problem. I'm going to be experimenting with some different ideas to see what works best for the next week or so, just to see if I can pinpoint what the source is, and what I can do about it.

Last night--no freaking scary nightmares. I didn't take any Vicoprofen, nor any Tylenol PM, and while I didn't go to sleep any faster (damn insomnia) I actually did sleep. Some. Dreams concerned mostly interpretations on the Wheel of Time series, since that's what I'm reading now, and some other miscellaneous other occurences which I can't remember. Nothing out of the ordinary.  Tonight I'll probably take some Tylenol PM and see how that works, though even WITH taking sleeping pills I never manage to stay asleep for more than three hours.

In other exciting news, Anne Marie and I found a HUGE, 2 inch long cockroach in our kitchen last night. Well, she found it and shrieked, and I came hobbling. We smacked at it, and it ran under the oven, so we got out the Raid and sprayed it as best we could. I go sit back down, and 30 seconds later she screams again. Somehow it got over to the opposite side of the kitchen and into the dining room. So we grab shoes and proceed to have a smacking contest. Eventually, the mutant insect was defeated, but not before I unthinkingly tried to do the icky dance. Not a good idea with a broken foot. Needless to say, it HURTS. Man, they told us everything down here was bigger, but we thought they were just making dirty jokes. Toby, oh, Toby, why did you not protect us? Oh, because you're sitting on the wrong side of the window. Drat.

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