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Having a very bleh day. Took 2 Tylenol PM last night around 12:15 and turned off the light at 12:45. Like you do. Laid in bed for an hour, then got up and took 2 more PMs, since the first two weren't even making a dent on my headache OR my insomnia. Conked out about 30 minutes later--which for me, is FAST. 

Extraordinarily groggy this morning, with remnants of headache and other pains. Ate cereal, collapsed back into bed. Not feeling well. I should go find my thermometer; I keep alternating between really hot and really cold.

No bad dreams, just strange ones. In particular, being able to shapeshift into stuffed animals (don't ask, it made sense then) and flying, and being stuck in bed, but then waking up because my room mate came home. In my dreams. And then I discovered some strange woman in my apartment had been killed with an awl and ruined all my bread. Like I said, weird.

Good news; Toby is back! He hopped away last night, probably in search of more food, and we were sad. But he is back this morning, and very vocal. For such a little frog, he makes a lot of noise.

Going to try to unpack some more today. All that's really left is decorations and miscellaneous stuff, but I want to put the rest of my music and textbooks away at the least. That'll get rid of a couple boxes. Man, I'm such a lazy person. But to counter that, I'm also going to start stretching every day, and working on my strength. NO, that's not dancing, and I know how to stretch without injuring my foot further. But I need SOMETHING physical to do, otherwise I'm going to get fat sitting around the house.

Off to the library to see if they have "Knife of Dreams." I hope so, otherwise I'm going to go crazy.

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