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Stuck in the Box.

A thought that I've pondered quite frequently: Why is it so much easier for me to offer comfort and advice to others' problems than it is for me to solve my own?

I'm an intelligent, strong, compassionate, knowledgeable person, right? So why is it I keep making mistake after stupid mistake? I told myself, when I was younger and more naive, that I would never make the mistakes I had seen others make. I wouldn't think of myself as unworthy: but I did. I wouldn't let others dictate my lifestyle: but I did. I wouldn't stay in a relationship that made me less than I could be: but I did. I wouldn't let fear keep me from trying my best and stepping outside of my comfort zone: but I did.

Why did I let myself do all these things? It's so easy to look at the woes of another and see immediately how to fix it; but when it comes to my own errors, I'm completely blind.

I've made the same mistakes as so many before me in so many other generations have done, and I couldn't even see when I was making them. What is that quote again? "To remove the speck in your friend's eye, you must first remove the log in your own." Something like that. I guess it's just harder to see your own faults and imperfections--or harder to admit them--than it is to see them in others. I know that I'm not perfect, but I expect myself to be, and I get frustrated when I fail to live up to my expectations.

I suppose that's why we have friends--people whose faults and imperfections balance our own, so that we can both strive to realize our mistakes. Or at least have someone to slap us when we're being stupid.

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