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Holy crapoli!! Wow, where has all the time gone?? I have been crazy busy with so much stuff lately, I just haven't even been on the computer--which is unusual for me.

Well, let's start at the beginning. About three weeks ago, I finally got all my paperwork straightened out, and started Modified Duty. They basically had me doing no-training type work--hanging clothes, handing out pins for lanyards, parking strollers, that kind of thing. Some of it was fun, like the Pin Station--I got to sit and sort all day, something that was really easy. On the other hand, things like parking strollers all day in 129 degree heat index--sucks. Plus, my mommy came in town!! She helped me unpack the rest of my boxes and hang up some of my pictures. She, Anne Marie and I all spent a whole day at the Magic Kingdom, and we got to do everything we wanted; I didn't even get sunburned. Unfortunately, Mommy couldn't stay much more than a week, and I had to work at least three days that she was here.

The day my Mommy had to leave, our friend Hannah came into town. She was staying with us to go to the open call auditions, and Anne Marie went, too. Anne didn't get any other offers, but she IS getting trained for one of the parades. But Hannah got offered a position on one of the cruise ships as Mulan, and she's starting up in just a week or so. Hooray for Hannah!

So I worked on Modified Duty for about three weeks, and today--TODAY!!--I worked my very first day as a full-time character!! I was friends with Chip today at Town Square, and my Dale was a lot of fun. We made a game out of poking each other in the nose with our pens. It was pretty hot--I actually sweated through most of my shirts; unusual for me--but at least we weren't in direct sunlight.

I'm so exschited! I'm finally getting to do what I got hired to do in the first place, and I'm having a lot of fun doing it. Plus, I talked to my manager, and reminded her about my training for Wendy, and that I TECHNICALLY never finished my Core training, but they said they'd take care of it.

My foot is about 95% better; I wrapped it in an Ace bandage today, but it still ached by the time I got home. I guess I'll just have to re-build my stamina again. *sigh* Oh, well. What's done is done, and better late than never, right? But I like where I'm going with my life and my job--career--and all I have to do is make sure I can pay my rent, and my loans and my car insurance....ah, money. Well, at least I'm making regular hours now, and I've even got overtime this week and next--yippee!! Okay, I'm going to go eat dinner and read my book now. Sorry about the long absence; I'll be catching up on journals in the next few days, so if I make a comment on a later entry, that's why. I miss all of you so much, and I'm hoping to come in town the first week or so of October so I can catch a weekend of Faire! Love and hugs and kisses to all of you!!! *MUAH*

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