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I'm getting a new apartment! I'm getting a new apartment! I'm getting a new apartment!

And it's bigger, and closer to work, and I get to live with Anne Marie AND my friend Lane!

Of course, it's a little more expensive, but with the money we'll save on gas and laundry (since the apartment comes with a washer/dryer *squeal!*) it'll be about the same.

We're moving the end of December so we don't have to pay for two apartments at once. And hopefully, HOPEFULLY I'll be coming into KC a little after the new year to visit for a week.

By the way, have I mentioned that I love my job? Yup, I do. Wendy is SO FUN and the little kids are ADORABLE. Most of the time. Usually. Plus I got paid to sit on my butt for 12 hours today and do NOTHING. Yeah, I definitely love my job.

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