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Birthday Bash

So, it's a little late, I know, but my birthday was the BOMB. Excepting the fact that most of you were not there. That part was teh suckage.

But onward!

So, on the actually day of my birth, I worked 9-7 being friends with Dale over in Toontown at Magic Kingdom. Lots of fun, especially the kids that had on birthday buttons too; gave them lots of loving. After work, went to my friend Lane's apartment since it's closer, showered and got hottie-fied for a night of drinking and dancing at Pleasure Island--Disney kids get in free Sun-Thurs (neener neener.) Looked awesome in my red patent-leather fuckme pumps and matching lipstick. Lots of friends came out (yes, I have lots of FRIENDS!!) and we started out the night in the Adventurer's Club. I think a lot of you would like it--kind of an interactive dinner theatre atmosphere set in 1937. Very kitch. On to the dancing part of the night, which lasted from about 10-2am. Straight. Yup. Feeties go: ow. But it was awesome, and I got some really hot pictures with one of my gay boyfriends. Yup. I have three. Aren't you all jealous now. If you've got facebook you can go check them out. Anyhoo, aside from a couple creepy guys who REALLY didn't want to take no for an answer, it was a freakin' blast. Stayed until closing, then dinner/breakfast at IHOP (cuz you can't go wrong with IHOP) and home and fell into bed about 4. Thankfully no working the next day. DEFINITELY going to have to go back to the clubs again soon--except with more comfortable shoes. Ow. And now....I am old. Er. I meant -er. Yeah. Hooray!

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