Golden Bear (eithne_star) wrote,
Golden Bear

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I'm annoyed...for some vaguely indefinable reason. Doing something destructive--or constructive--would be nice. However, it is the sleepingtime so that is not an option.

Moving on.

My vacation was very good for the most part. Definitely not as well planned as the one in October, but that's okay. Except I didn't get to see my niece and that is bad. Oh, and I am NEVER getting that drunk again. BAD idea. Kinda freaky, not gonna lie. Not again.

And, sadly, my puppy is missing. She wriggled out through a hole in the screened in porch that we were not aware of, and has been missing for three days. We think a very nice business man has her and have put up posters in the hopes that he will see them and return her. Next step is taking out an ad.

Bit frustrated at work. Doesn't seem like I'm getting trained for anything that I preferenced I would want to do, and the arbitrary way they picked people to train smacks of politics--the Clinton kind or something. Little peeved, I admit.

Romantically frustrated. Vacation hopes bore no fruit. Guess that's a dead end. Oh, and the choices here? Yeah, they're all gay. Or creepy. I don't really NEED a significant other, I'd just kind of like someone to cuddle and make out with. That's all.

Not as renewed as I had hoped. Still feeling a little spiritually out of touch. Missing something. Need to consciously remind myself of my epiphany, because it brings me joy. Wish I had had the opportunity to discuss it whilt in KC. Nobody here that I know would really get it.

Guess I'm just a bit lonely. ....Okay, a lot lonely. There's no support group here like I have in KC, no boyfriend to fall back on like I used to have for so many years, and no fuzzy animal to snuggle with. Wishing people were here just so they could be here. Loves you.

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