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Yeah. Need I remind everyone that not only am I extremely out of practice in the arts of dating, but that I SUCKED at it to begin with.

So. Went out on a date with this guy. Knew him through my roommate, kind of hung out every so often since about August-ish. Nice guy, very smart, funny, not a mutant or anything.

Got off work Thursday, went to see a play with said guy. Play was called "Talley's Folly", set in Lebanon, MO, in about 1944. Very cute, two person drama. (By the way breaca I totally think you should research this script!) Play was good, then went to dinner at a little place called Bravissimo. Again, good. Along the way, some walking around downtown Orlando, which is pretty cool.

AND....he tried to kiss me. At which point I promptly freaked out and backed away--boy having been warned by myself and roommates that going fast not the way to go. (This would be the "kind of an idiot" point of the date.)

So. Here's the deal. Nice guy, pleasant evening, good entertainment, great food, even decent conversation....nothing happening. *sigh* And yes, it's still me. Honestly, Carlye, what the hell are you looking for?

I find myself still wishing that I was dating Mike. Not because I necessarily want to date Mike, but because it was something familiar. Safe. Well-traveled. But I can't just jump into a relationship with someone just because I'm lonely and he happens to have a pulse. I'm just not feeling it with this guy. I wish I could, but I don't. And I find myself trying to justify it by saying, "Oh, well, he doesn't know ANYTHING about me, I'd probably scare him off in the first 10 seconds anyway." No, Carlye, that is not the problem. Your problem is that either you're too scared to take a risk (which I admit is a viable option) or you just really aren't feeling it.

Unfortunately, I'm thinking it's the latter. And also unfortunately, I just don't have the time, energy, or inclination to date ANYONE right now.

Or am I still copping out?

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