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I don't celebrate Valentine's day. I never have. It just seems artificial. However, it is nice to be reminded to take the time to contemplate one of Life's Greatest Mysteries, even if one usually uses the route of overpriced plant life and saturated fats.

Really, I'm just missing people. Friends I haven't seen in a while. Friends I may have seen, but didn't get to spend enough time with. (Is there really ever enough time?)

I don't want romance today. What I would have liked was sitting in a comfortable apartment, with good coffee, a couple of DVDs, people I love, and an endless night. Conversation, relation, bonding, trust--that is what I miss most of all on Valentine's Day. And I am reminded to be grateful for the people who willingly give me these things--even when it's not a holiday.

To those who are especially close to my heart: I miss you so very much right now, and wish for nothing more than to while away the hours speaking of nothing and everything. I love you more than words can say.

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