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Lots of things been going on, not lots of time to mention it. Here goes:

My apartment flooded on Friday. Apparently, the main water pipe ruptured, and completely soaked the carpeting, right down to the cement. Any time we turned on any sort of faucet, it only made it worse. So, the complex turned off our water, kindly gave us the key to a vacant apartment where we could sleep, and managed to fix the pipes today. Unfortunately, the carpet in our living room is still peeled up over most of it, and we are waiting for the next couple of days for it to be dried out and cleaned. HOPEFULLY it will not have to be fully replaced (we all remember THAT hassle?) but then again Florida is not exactly known for its arid climes. I, for one, will still be sleeping in the vacant apartment.

Not that I'll be doing much of that in the next week or so anyway. Into the nitty-gritty of Fantasmic! rehearsal process, and that means lots of overnights. If any of you haven't seen it, there's a video on YouTube you can watch--make sure it's the DisneyWorld version. It's a rather complex show, and that means lots and lots of going over cues and choreography. To give you an idea, here's my schedule for this week:

Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 9am-6pm; 11pm-6am
Thursday: 9am-6pm; 11pm-5am
Friday: 9:30pm-3:30am
Saturday: 9:30pm-3:30am

Yeah. You read that right. But I got two words: HELLA MONEY.
Needless to say, this has my sleep schedule even more completely f-ed than it was before. So, I probably will not be online--or coherent--for a while yet.

In other news, I finally bought a plane ticket to go up to West Virginia and visit Mike next month. I took a couple of days off work, and found a pretty cheap deal, so I figured why not? Besides, I miss my cat and I want to have a fuzzy to cuddle with...the CAT, not Mike. Remember, he has a girlfriend? Who, by the way, emailed me. Very short, very nice, none of that "bitch, he MINE now" sort of thing, just very friendly. I hope we get along well. And it will be nice not to stress for a little bit.

Still a bit lonesome. Missing people. Wishing for a cuddle buddy, but don't have time for a relationship. Wondering if I could patent a "Relationship in a Box." You know, like one of those faux SNL commercials: "Need somebody to keep you warm at night? Feeling a little rowdy? Why not try our Relationship in a Box! Convenient, easy-to-store significant other only when you need them! Just wanting to get some sleep? Put the box back on the shelf! Needing a little reinforcement? Just pop that top! Relationship in a Box! Available in both genders, all sexual preferences, and major races."
What? If I could manage it, I'd be a BILLIONARE.

Obviously, sleep deprivation followed by immersion has fried my brain. Wishing there were more people to cuddle with here. And that there were more who could just laugh with me when I say something strange. One should really not write melancholy posts late at night. Perhaps I should go read some more. But I don't really want to. Mostly, just wanting some time to relax with people I trust, and maybe just cry a little. Really, though, I'm okay. Honest. I'm okay.

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