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The Spinning Pyramid

Puzzle Pieces

Golden Bear
11 December 1981
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I'm a recent graduate from Missouri State University, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre. Impressive I know. But the best part is, I'm actually using my degree in my job. I work for Walt Disney World Entertainment Staff as a Character Performer. Yeah, that's right. I'm in the midst of discovering myself, a process I suspect will take a very long time. I'm a very spiritual person, but haven't yet settled on a religion. Don't preach to me; I won't listen. I'm unwaveringly loyal to my friends, and forgiving of my enemies--mostly. I love to read and write, especially poetry, and have long discussions in the middle of the night.

Disclaimer: For those of you who know me well, who know me slightly, or may know me not at all:

This Live Journal is exactly that: a journal. While a few of my posts are intended for select audiences, or solely for myself, I use this site to post daily updates, literary compositions, personal complaints, and articles/surveys/quotes/quizzes that I find humorous, interesting, or provocative. Since this journal is first and foremost for myself, then for friends, and lastly for the others floating in cyberspace, I feel no urge or inclination to coach, edit, or omit any comments that may be offensive, hurtful, inflammatory, or opinionated. I intend to use this journal as a creative and emotional outlet, and by stifling my writing to cater to the rigidity of senses that some suffer from, I could not accomplish that purpose. Therefore, while you reserve the right to comment and respond as you wish, I warn you: enter at your own risk.

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